Water Damaged Vehicle Repair Service in Blackburn, Melbourne

Australia is prone to unpredictable weather such as storms, heavy rains and flash floods. Such weather and natural occurrences can cause a lot of damage to property, people and vehicles. Has your car also been caught in a flood? If you live in or around Blackburn and Melbourne, you can contact Eastern Star Motors for auto water damage repairs.

We are a leading auto repair and servicing specialist in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Our water-damage vehicle repair services help to restore your car and make it workable again. Furthermore, we have authorised Mercedes-Benz specialists and will take very good care of your Mercedes.

Water Damage and Car Interior Repair at Eastern Star Motors

If the damage to your car is extensive with flooding, the insurer may categorise it as a write-off. In such cases, it may be better to claim the insurance and not go for repairs. The flood may have destroyed the engine parts, combustion system, and electrical circuits before weakening the chassis and frame. Our comprehensive repair service is specifically designed to remove water, mud and debris, dehumidify the car with blowers and special equipment, and assess the damage to repair all the components.

Eastern Star Motors repairs your water-damaged vehicle only when the damage is not extensive or permanent and the car can be restored to its pre-flooding condition. With our extensive and systematic car interior water damage repair, your car can become serviceable again. We strongly advise you not to use your damaged car without getting it checked by our vehicle repair expert as it may put your and your family’s life at risk. Your car is repairable, but this depends on the level of damage and exposure to the flood. So get our experts to take a look and perform the necessary repairs.

Why Is Expert Advice Necessary?

A common mistake many people make is to try to take up the flooded car interior repair as a DIY project. You want a professional to perform a stepwise cleaning, dehumidification, testing and repair of vital components and systems in the car. Water damage repairs are a highly specialised and precision-based skill that comes after extensive training and years of experience. If not done correctly, you risk worsening the condition of your vehicle.

Our process of cleaning, drying and restoring cars is scientific and follows the industry’s best practices. For repairs and restoration, your car is first cleaned of water, silt, and mud and then dried thoroughly. The transmission is checked and overhauled as are the steering and brakes. We also remove and clean all electrical components and test them for use. Any burned-out or unworkable components are also replaced.

Our auto water damage repairs include the following services:

  • Removing mud and silt from every corner and cavity of the car

  • Testing and checking every component

  • Changing fluids like engine oil, brake oil etc.

  • Assessing and rectifying damage caused by corrosion

  • Treating powdery corrosion on electrical components

  • Checking and overhauling the transmission

  • Checking and replacing spark plugs

  • Testing and cleaning of engine

Our multi-point checks and tests are designed to restore your car to its earlier condition and ensure that it is safe to drive. The team of professionalcar repair specialists at Eastern Star Motors take pride in their work and strive to provide you with the best-in-class water damage vehicle repair services.

Professional Auto Water Damage Repair Services in Blackburn

Eastern Star Motors is amongst the most trusted Mercedes Benz servicing centres in Blackburn and the Melbourne suburbs. As a leading independent repair workshop, we provide you with comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your car, including all Mercedes models. Along with interior flood damage repairs, we also offer full services including, tune-ups, Service A, Service B, engine service, clutch and brake repairs and a host of other regular and special offerings
As a reliable auto servicing centre, we provide:

  • Full water damage restoration

  • Water damage specialists

  • Honest advice

  • Transparent billing

  • No hidden charges

  • High-quality spare parts

Do not wait for the water damage to become irreparable. Call us immediately on 03 9894 2883 for flood damage repairs or email us at easternstarmotors1@gmail.com.


This depends on how much the car has been damaged. In case of minor flooding, the car can be fully restored by a professional. If the damage is extensive and the cost of repairs is more than the value of the car, the insurer will declare it as a “total loss” and pay its value to the owner.
It depends on the extent of damage, the duration of submersion and whether the water was corrosive or salty. Engine fixing is costly, time-consuming and complicated work that can only be done by professionals with years of experience. If the damage is extensive and the repairs costly, the insurer may declare the car as “total loss” and unrepairable. Always go by the advice of qualified flood water damage specialists on this.
Fixing a flood-damaged car is a complicated and step-by-step process that can only be done by experienced professionals. It involves the removal of water, silt and mud, dehumidification or drying followed by testing of all vital components. All essential fluids like engine oil, brake oil etc. need to be changed and the engine, transmission and electrical systems need to be tested and repaired.
If your car has been flooded do not attempt to start or drive it. Get it checked with a reputable workshop or an authorised service centre and inform your insurance company. If the damage is minor, it can be dehumidified, cleaned, repaired and made serviceable again. If it is extensive, it will be written off and its value paid by the insurer.
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Client Reviews
Gary Needham
Gary Needham
The place to take your merc
p Borg
p Borg
They are definitely Mercedes enthusiasts and go out of their way to try and help solve any mechanical issues. Naya is easy to contact and staff are very helpful. Call me old-fashioned but I like to have a personal relationship with people who work on my car.
Joe Giuliano
Joe Giuliano
Very friendly bunch of Mechanics. Been having my cars serviced there for some time now. No issues and no problems. Would recommend Naya and his staff anytime.
Ash Syed Pasha
Ash Syed Pasha
The Manager, Daya, is one of the most highly experienced Mercedes mechanics in Melbourne, and is extremely reasonable with his charges. We have had Mercs in the family for over 50 years, and he has been taking care of our cars for most of that time. Neither my nor my extended family will send their Mercs anywhere else. Daya is the former head of the service division of one of Melbourne's largest dealers. The mechanics at Eastern Star are serious Mercedes specialists. The negative reviews here are INCORRECT. I have spoken to Easter Star about them, and I'm totally flabbergasted at how badly these customers misinterpreted the company's advice on faults of their cars.