The Best Auto Electrical Services in Blackburn, Melbourne

All modern cars have a wide range of auto electrical systems that ensure smooth operation. With regular use, these systems and electrical parts develop faults that need to be repaired by qualified electrical car mechanics. If you are a vehicle owner who wants it to perform at 100%, timely servicing is crucial. Eastern Star Motors provides best-in-class automotive electrical repair for all car models in Blackburn and other Melbourne suburbs. We also specialise in Mercedes Benz machines so if you own one, we provide full-service repairs.

Our technicians are experts in car electrical repairs of every kind. They can diagnose and fix electrical faults in your car faster and better than anyone else. This ensures that you will never be stranded on the road with electrical problems. We aim to provide you with the best auto electrical check to prevent possible snags in your vehicle’s electrical system. Any faulty or malfunctioning devices are cleaned, repaired or replaced for optimal performance while driving.

Affordable Automotive Electrical Repairs at Eastern Star Motors

Do not ignore any electrical problems in your car and have them checked at the earliest at our workshop. These minor problems can deteriorate and soon turn into major faults that impact the performance of your car. Furthermore, they can be very expensive to repair as they get bigger.

For top-notch auto electrical services in Blackburn, look no further than Eastern Star Motors. Our factory-trained auto electrical experts know the electrical circuits and parts of most cars inside out. We also use computerised diagnostics to identify faults and rectify them by repairing or replacing faulty components.

We are the one-stop auto electrical repairs centre for all basic and full-service repairs of your vehicle, regardless of whether it is a Mercedes or a different brand.

Services We Offer in Auto Electrical Repairs:

  • Diagnostic/troubleshooting/water-damaged cars

  • Air conditioning repairs and re-gas

  • Battery and battery cable repair and replacement

  • Alternator repairs and replacing

  • Electric window repair and replacement

  • Brake lights

  • Coil and coil pack repair and replacement

  • Fuse box repairs

  • Distributor rotor repair and replacement

  • Driving lights

  • Electric brake repair and replacement

  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System repairs

  • Ignition and ignition coil repair and replacement

  • Ignition switch and leads repairs

  • Mercedes fuses and gauges repairs and replacement

  • Mercedes headlights repair and replacement

  • Indicator lights and light switch repairs

  • Spark plug and starter motor repairs

  • Tail light housing repair and replacement

  • Voltage regulator and warning lights repairs

  • Wiper motor and system repairs

  • Wiring checks and repairs

  • …and more.

Why Choose Us for Your Car Electrical Repair?

Eastern Star Motors is a trusted and respected independent workshop for all makes and models of cars in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Furthermore, we specialise in Mercedes servicing and repairs. Our factory-trained mechanics have years of experience and regularly work on all Mercedes models. We take pride in our work and are committed to providing the best and most dependable auto services to all car owners in Blackburn.

Our auto electricians can make any issues and faults with the electrical systems disappear in no time. They use the combination of computerised diagnostics with training and experience to uncover all the faults and fix them. With our services, you can be sure that all automotive electrical repairs will be thorough in every respect.

We ensure that none of our customers returns with the same problem twice. This is why we employ only the best. Our professionals will make sure that the problem is fixed properly the first time around. The benefits of choosing our services are:

  • Qualified and trained electrical car mechanics

  • Comprehensive auto electrical repairs

  • Specialised Mercedes services

  • Transparent billing

  • All charges upfront

  • High-quality spare parts

  • Best workmanship

For quality and fair-priced auto electrical repairs for your Mercedes or any other car in Blackburn, call us on 03 9894 2883 or email us at


You need to take your car to an auto electrician if it develops an electrical fault or an electrical component like the ignition, alternator, or lights breaks down. A car mechanic generally repairs the mechanical faults of the car, while an auto electrician can repair all electrical components of your car.
There are various electrical components in your car that run on electricity and power various systems. Examples include alternators, starters, ignition, headlights, and Engine Management Systems.
Alternators, batteries, fuses, spark plugs, ignition switches, battery cables and battery terminals are some of the electrical systems and components in your car that require regular maintenance.
Certain tell-tale signs point to electrical issues. Do not ignore these signs that require the attention of an auto electrician and servicing:

  • Your vehicle will not start
  • Lights are not working or are dimmed
  • Blown fuse
  • Battery issues
  • The smell of burning plastic or electrical insulation
Mercedes Specialised Engine Repairs
We can repair all Mercedes Engines
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Client Reviews
Gary Needham
Gary Needham
The place to take your merc
p Borg
p Borg
They are definitely Mercedes enthusiasts and go out of their way to try and help solve any mechanical issues. Naya is easy to contact and staff are very helpful. Call me old-fashioned but I like to have a personal relationship with people who work on my car.
Joe Giuliano
Joe Giuliano
Very friendly bunch of Mechanics. Been having my cars serviced there for some time now. No issues and no problems. Would recommend Naya and his staff anytime.
Ash Syed Pasha
Ash Syed Pasha
The Manager, Daya, is one of the most highly experienced Mercedes mechanics in Melbourne, and is extremely reasonable with his charges. We have had Mercs in the family for over 50 years, and he has been taking care of our cars for most of that time. Neither my nor my extended family will send their Mercs anywhere else. Daya is the former head of the service division of one of Melbourne's largest dealers. The mechanics at Eastern Star are serious Mercedes specialists. The negative reviews here are INCORRECT. I have spoken to Easter Star about them, and I'm totally flabbergasted at how badly these customers misinterpreted the company's advice on faults of their cars.