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Is your vehicle’s timing chain troubling you? Have you noticed issues with the engine starting or the engine misfiring? Get your timing chain repaired at Eastern Star Motors – Blackburn’s leading service centre and timing chain repair shop. We are Mercedes-Benz service specialists as well and can handle all types of Mercedes servicing and repairs.

The timing chain is an important component of your car. It links the camshaft and crankshaft of your car’s engine and synchronises their functioning. The lower and upper portions of the car engine perform different functions and they need to work in perfect unison for the engine’s smooth functioning.

The timing chain is made of metal, unlike the timing belt, which is made from rubber. Your car’s timing chain is built to last and is not a regular maintenance item that has to be changed after a specific time. However, friction, rough terrain or malfunction in other parts may affect the timing chain’s strength and performance. In such cases, a timing chain replacement by professional and skilled timing chain mechanics.

Importance of Timing Chain and Camshaft Gear Replacement

The timing chain is built to last for the entire life of the car. However, it may malfunction due to wear and tear and lack of lubrication which may cause it to work erratically or fail. Along with the camshaft timing gear, they are critical components in a car’s operation. Any issues with the timing chain or camshaft timing gear can lead to the engine not starting, misfiring or poor performance.

If the timing chain fails while the engine is still running, it may cause irreparable loss to the pistons, valves and the engine as a whole. This can lead to engine seizure and failure and may require engine overhaul or engine replacement. You will then need to get your car checked and get a professional timing chain repair or Camshaft gear replacement, as the case may be.

Indications that You Need to Change Your Timing Chain

Some common signs may indicate a problem with the timing chain. Here are a few indications that your vehicle’s timing chain may need repairs or replacing:

  • Rattling noise from the engine

  • Extreme engine vibration that shakes the car

  • Engine light illuminated or codes related to timing

  • The car misfires or does not start even when it turns over

  • The engine is sluggish and has poor performance

  • Extra fuel consumption

  • Metal shavings in the engine oil

Choose Eastern Star Motors for Reliable Timing Chain Repairs

Eastern Star Motors is a professional auto shop in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We are also the leading independent Mercedes-Benz specialist in the area. We have over 30 years of experience working on Mercedes cars and can handle all their models effortlessly. Our team has all kinds of specialists like timing chain mechanics, and auto electricians, who are factory trained and have several years of experience.

We know Mercedes cars better than anyone else and can repair any mechanical, or electrical fault properly. Since your Mercedes is a high-end car that comes with a sophisticated engine and sub-systems, you only want our experienced mechanics to handle all repairs and servicing.

We are proud to serve all Mercedes Benz owners in Blackburn and all other suburbs of Melbourne. With Eastern Star Motors, you get:

  • Best-in-class servicing and repairs

  • Qualified and experienced mechanics

  • High-quality spare parts

  • No hidden charges

  • All charges upfront

  • Transparent and itemised billing

You can call us on 03 9894 2883 or write to us at to speak to an expert about timing chain repair or replacement for your car.


While Mercedes Benz’s timing chains are long-lasting, timing chain replacement may be required if there are engine issues or the chain is damaged. The common failure of the timing chain is tensioner failure, stretch or worn-out sprockets. Failure to get the timing chain checked or replaced may lead to piston and valve issues or engine seizure or failure.
The cam chain tensioner is a key component of the timing chain of your Mercedes Benz. It ensures the correct and necessary tension of the timing chain of your car for its optimum performance.
The timing chain is built to last, usually for the lifetime of your Mercedes Benz. However, it may wear or break due to constant pressure caused by rough driving, malfunction of other components and wear and tear of the internal components of your car that are connected with. Lack of lubrication is another reason for wearing or breaking of the timing chain that can lead to catastrophic results such as complete engine failure.
The timing chain noise is caused by slack when the chain rubs with the timing chain cover. This may be due to a lack of lubrication, loss of tension in the chain, wear and tear and other timing chain issues. Do not ignore such noise and get it checked by qualified timing chain mechanics at an authorised Mercedes Benz service centre.
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Gary Needham
Gary Needham
The place to take your merc
p Borg
p Borg
They are definitely Mercedes enthusiasts and go out of their way to try and help solve any mechanical issues. Naya is easy to contact and staff are very helpful. Call me old-fashioned but I like to have a personal relationship with people who work on my car.
Joe Giuliano
Joe Giuliano
Very friendly bunch of Mechanics. Been having my cars serviced there for some time now. No issues and no problems. Would recommend Naya and his staff anytime.
Ash Syed Pasha
Ash Syed Pasha
The Manager, Daya, is one of the most highly experienced Mercedes mechanics in Melbourne, and is extremely reasonable with his charges. We have had Mercs in the family for over 50 years, and he has been taking care of our cars for most of that time. Neither my nor my extended family will send their Mercs anywhere else. Daya is the former head of the service division of one of Melbourne's largest dealers. The mechanics at Eastern Star are serious Mercedes specialists. The negative reviews here are INCORRECT. I have spoken to Easter Star about them, and I'm totally flabbergasted at how badly these customers misinterpreted the company's advice on faults of their cars.