Roadworthy Inspection Certificate for Your Mercedes-Benz in Blackburn, Melbourne

Every road-going vehicle requires a car roadworthy Inspection certificate before it can be driven anywhere in Australia. A roadworthy certificate is issued only after an authorised inspector checks the car thoroughly, to ensure that it meets all the laid-out parameters. This improves safety by keeping broken vehicles off the road until they are properly repaired.

Eastern Star Motors is an authorised and approved centre for undergoing road safety checks in Blackburn, Melbourne. You can get your Mercedes-Benz checked, repaired and thoroughly assessed at our centre before applying for a roadworthy certificate. We offer vehicle roadworthy inspections for all models at our shop to make sure that you receive the roadworthy certificate.


What Does Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection Cover?

The road-worthy check covers all major components and functions of your car that are critical to its smooth working and safety. This includes:

  • Wheels and tyres

  • Seats and seat belts

  • Steering

  • Braking system

  • Lights

  • Reflectors

  • Windscreen and windows

  • Front wipers and washers

  • Vehicle structure

  • Any safety-related items on the body, engine or chassis

Why Does Your Car Require a Roadworthy Inspection?

Your vehicle needs a roadworthy inspection to ensure that it meets the minimum safety standards as prescribed by the federal government and state territory. Additionally, you will also need a road-worthy certificate in the following cases:

  • Selling/buying a vehicle

  • Transferring car ownership

  • Re-registering an unregistered vehicle

  • Transferring the car’s registration to another state

Here are a few more important things about roadworthy checks you must know:

  • All types of cars and vehicles need a roadworthy certificate. This includes passenger cars, motorbikes, trailers and large vehicles.

  • Your car’s roadworthy inspection can only be carried out at an AIS (Approved Inspection Station).

  • Different states follow different guidelines for vehicle inspection.

  • The process for a new vehicle’s roadworthy certificate is comparatively easier than for a used one.

  • If your vehicle is old or has completed a set number of miles, it may need some mechanical and technical upgrades or repairs to pass an inspection.

  • If your car fails the roadworthy certificate, you can get the faults rectified and rechecked after a set number of days specified by the authority. The number is different for every state.

  • The regulations covering road-worthy certificates are strict and require complete compliance.

The Benefits of Getting a Roadworthy Inspection

In addition to improving road safety, there are various other benefits of getting a roadworthy inspection done for your vehicle. These include:

  • Registration: You cannot obtain a registration for your car without an RWC. A roadworthy certificate is an assurance that your car has been checked and tested by authorised inspectors and that it is safe to be driven on the road.
  • Legal compliance: It is a legal requirement to have a valid and current road safety certificate or risk getting ticketed by law enforcement agencies. Do not risk stiff penalties that are levied on driving without a valid roadworthy certificate. You can avoid the serious repercussions of non-compliance with a valid roadworthy certificate.

  • Higher vehicle performance: As your car is thoroughly checked and all faults rectified to clear the roadworthy certificate, you get higher performance from your machine.

  • Higher car price: A car with a valid road-worthy certificate helps you get a better price when you want to sell it. For buyers, a car with a road-worthy certificate and a pre-purchase inspection report is an attractive proposition. It reassures them and helps you negotiate a better deal.

  • Benefit to buyer and seller: A valid road-worthy certificate makes it easy for both the seller and the buyer to transact a deal. This ensures that both parties profit from the sale.

Book Roadworthy Inspection by Professional Mechanics in Blackburn

Booking a car roadworthy inspection in Blackburn is easier than you expect. Eastern Star Motors is just one call away and provides a thorough roadworthy inspection service for all vehicle models, including the famous Mercedes-Benz. All you have to do is call us on (03) 9894 2883 and speak with our support team. You may also email us at and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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Gary Needham
Gary Needham
The place to take your merc
p Borg
p Borg
They are definitely Mercedes enthusiasts and go out of their way to try and help solve any mechanical issues. Naya is easy to contact and staff are very helpful. Call me old-fashioned but I like to have a personal relationship with people who work on my car.
Joe Giuliano
Joe Giuliano
Very friendly bunch of Mechanics. Been having my cars serviced there for some time now. No issues and no problems. Would recommend Naya and his staff anytime.
Ash Syed Pasha
Ash Syed Pasha
The Manager, Daya, is one of the most highly experienced Mercedes mechanics in Melbourne, and is extremely reasonable with his charges. We have had Mercs in the family for over 50 years, and he has been taking care of our cars for most of that time. Neither my nor my extended family will send their Mercs anywhere else. Daya is the former head of the service division of one of Melbourne's largest dealers. The mechanics at Eastern Star are serious Mercedes specialists. The negative reviews here are INCORRECT. I have spoken to Easter Star about them, and I'm totally flabbergasted at how badly these customers misinterpreted the company's advice on faults of their cars.