Mercedes Benz Service Specialist in Burwood

High-end luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz require specialised care from trained professionals to ensure good performance. These vehicles represent the pinnacle of automobile designs and therefore quite complex to work on. If you own a Mercedes yourself, you only want Mercedes-Benz-certified mechanics to work on your car. This way, you are guaranteed quality work and your vehicle continues to perform impressively.

Eastern Star Motor is a certified Mercedes auto repair shop in Burwood with the facilities to service your Mercedes-Benz according to the manufacturer’s standards.  You are also assured quick turnaround times so expect to be cruising on the roads again in no time.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we can provide the following at our Mercedes service centre:

  • General maintenance (wipers, headlights, etc)

  • Front end alignment

  • Service package

  • Replace/adjust brakes

  • Coolant flush

  • Muffler/exhaust repairs

  • Transmission flush

  • Vehicle checkup/inspection

  • Tyre balance

  • Tire rotation

  • Filter replacement

  • and much more!

The Mercedes Engine Specialist in Burwood

While a Mercedes-Benz delivers some of the most amazing rides in terms of comfort and power, it needs regular servicing to continue performing optimally. The engine, in particular, must be inspected by Mercedes engine specialists for any possible issues. Even if there are no major issues, taking your car in for its scheduled maintenance work ensures that the engine is always in good working order.

With the help of the latest diagnostic equipment and our highly trained Mercedes mechanics, we can diagnose any issues with your engine quickly, and on time. We repair faulty engines, recondition an existing engine, or replace it with a new or fully reconditioned engine. Some engine components are more prone to failure than others, such as the timing belt, head gasket, or radiator. During servicing, we will inspect all these parts and perform the necessary repairs or replacements as necessary. We can:

  • Repair damaged engines

  • Restore water-damaged engines

  • Perform Mercedes-Benz engine rebuilds

  • Rebuild and recondition every engine type

  • Repair and recondition the timing belt

  • Repair and recondition cylinder heads/blocks

  • Perform comprehensive engine maintenance checks

What Is Checked During a Car Roadworthy Inspection?

Roadworthy inspections are mandated by law to ensure that your vehicle is safe and well-maintained to be driven on the roads. A road safety certificate indicates that your car has no malfunctioning parts and poses no threat to other motorists or pedestrians. A car roadworthy inspection is therefore required for a variety of reasons, including transferring the registration to another person or state, re-registering an unregistered vehicle, or selling a registered vehicle.

At Eastern Star Motors, our technicians will perform a roadworthiness inspection to help you successfully get your roadworthy certificate. The inspection will check the following:

  • Seatbelts: Your seatbelts will be checked for damage. The buckle must be able to fasten without becoming stuck.

  • Tyres: There is a minimum tread depth requirement of 1.5mm. There should also be no damage, dirt, or obstructions on your tyres or wheels.

  • Mirrors: The mirrors must provide good rearward visibility. If they have been hit or damaged, they must be replaced or repaired. Cracked mirrors also require repairs.

  • Bodywork: No body part should be dangling or taped on with duct tape or glue.

  • Engine: Our engine specialist will inspect your engine for any issues that may pose a safety risk.

  • Doors: The doors will be examined to ensure they can be closed safely without being obstructed or swung open while driving. They should also have padding and no exposed wires.

  • Windows: All windows must be clean and free of cracks. They must also fully extend as a closed window; if they become stuck, they may fail inspection.

  • Driver’s Seat: The driver’s seat should be adjustable and provide a clear view of the road ahead.

  • Battery Examination: Your car battery will also be checked to ensure that it is in good working order and free of defects.

  • Interior Lighting and Light Brightness: Interior and exterior lights will be inspected for brightness levels.

  • Steering: Steering should be stable and not pull to one side, for example. It should be easy to turn and smooth.

  • Windscreen: There should be no cracks or large chips in the windscreen or anything else that could impair your vision while driving.

Eastern Star Motors – Choose the Best Mercedes Mechanic in Burwood

As one of the best Mercedes servicing centres in Burwood, Eastern Star Motors has been providing customers with dependable auto services at competitive prices. Our trained mechanics are always ready to assist you whether you require an ‘A’ service, wheel alignment, brake pad or rotor servicing. We strive to deliver a stress-free experience to all our clients. When you come to our service centre, you can rest easy, knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of qualified Mercedes-Benz specialists.

We also offer loan car facilities. In case the repair work on your Mercedes will take a few days, we will provide a replacement vehicle for the duration of that period. You can use this vehicle for your appointments or daily use until your vehicle is ready.

Providing excellent customer experience is one of our top priorities. We wish to deliver affordable Mercedes servicing without any compromise in quality. Our work meets the highest standards – the ones set by the manufacturer themself. So if you want good value for your money, contact our support team today.

You can call us on (03) 9894 2883 or write to us at to get in touch with our trained Mercedes mechanics. If you wish, you may also visit our website for more information about the services we provide.